Height Gauge Measurement:For all of the structures we use the TESA Height Gauge to guarantee the correct positioning of the holes for the worm gear drive.

Consistent Precision:With the height gauge we can accurately ensure that the machining process has delivered the outstanding quality that our customers demand.

Completed Assembled Parts:This image shows the rotary table spindle, YRT bearings, and the worm gear after initial assembly in our production facilities.

Parts Assembly:Here we can see part of the assembly process for the worm gear and the YRT bearings. All of the products are hand assembled by skilled technicians and thoroughly tested during the assembly process.

Spindle Running Test:Whilst the table is running we always measure the central accuracy of the main spindle hole with a touch probe after assembly to ensure precise positioning.

Rotary Table Flatness: Flatness is key for the rotary table to ensure accuracy and stability while running. We measure the flatness of the rotary table whilst running to guarantee its precision.

Slot Positioning: After the flatness testing the height of each slot is measured to guarantee the correct slot positioning on the rotary table.

Spindle Assembly:Here we can see the testing of the spindle assembly. Once the spindle has been installed into the main housing we use a touch probe to verify its flatness.

Laser Inspection:This Renishaw laser inspection machine turns through 369° to measure the accuracy of the rotary table.

Renishaw Laser Inspection: We use only the very latest Renishaw wireless inspection system for our products. This makes it much easier to accurately check each product efficiently without wires trailing across the machine.

Spindle Machining: Here we are setting up a larger rotary table ready for fine finishing on one of our milling machines.

Fine Finishing: This shows the fine finishing of the spindle bearing for a larger rotary table.