• Using Hypoid gear design, high anti-wearing & low noise
  • Reduction gear not required. No temperature displacement, Employs a high torque motor for high transmission efficiency. Allows for adopting hear exchanger.
  • Backlash is controlled after assembling, don’t need to be adjusted for a long time and index accuracy is remained stably.
Standard Dimension


Specifications / ModelUnitEPNC-630
Worktable Diameter Ømm Ø630
Center Bore Diameter Ømm Ø50H7
Tilting Angle deg. -
Minimum Input Increment deg. 0.001°
Indexing Accuracy sec. 20"
Repeatability sec. 4"
Servo Motor
(Model As Required)
FANUC   αiF 30
Speed Reduction Ratio   1:90
Max. Table Rotation Speed r.p.m 33
Encoders Type HEIDENHAIN   ECN-225(±10")
Pressure (Clamping System) kg/cm2 35 (Hyd.)
Clamping Torque kgf-m 250
Allowable Load Capacity kg 960 (YRT-260)
Net Weight (Motor Excluded) kgs 560
Standard Dimension

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