• Motor is mounted at the left.
  • 0.001° Minimum Positioning Increment
  • High Rigidity Structure: Disk and Shaft in a Single Piece – Increased Rigidity
  • Increased Wear Resistance – Worm Gear Drive Shaft
  • Can be Used Vertically or Horizontally
  • High Clamping Force: Full Circular Hydraulic Clamping, No Deviation During Heavy Machining
  • High Precision Bearing: Uses 2 High Precision Bearings for Support to Increase Positional Accuracy During Rapid Movement
  • Suitable for Cutting: Iron Castings & Steel Machining Applications: Large Molds with Multiple Cutting Surfaces Workpieces: Automotive Turbine Housings, Exhaust Manifolds, Tire Mold Machining, Valve Machining
Standard Dimension


Worktable Diameter Ø255
Center Height / Vertical 170
Overall Height 310
Through-Hole Diameter Ø33
Center Bore Diameter Ø40H7
Index Accuracy (sec) 15"
Repeatability (sec) 4"
Clamping Torque (Hydraulic 35kg/cm2) 50kg-m
Load Capacity(kg) Vertical 100
Horizontal 250
Tail-Stock 250
Allowable Inertia Force (kg-cm-sec2) 12.3
Allowable Turntable Torque 48
MAX Diameter of Worktable Ø255
Weight (Motor Excluded)(kg) 88
Servo Motor (Model As Required) FANUC MELDAS
α8i HF-154S
Reduction Ratio 1/180
Minimum Input Increment 0.001°
Table Rotation Speed 22.2 rpm
Standard Dimension

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