HOSEA - The Core of Machining Accuracy at Processing


The high-precision CNC 5-Axis indexing table of HOSEA meets the most stringent standards in the European market. The products are widely used and favored in Europe, and are well-known by global machine tool manufacturers.

  • The first indexing table supplier in Taiwan to obtain AS9100 aerospace-quality certification.
  • 300+ CNC rotary table sets exported per year. The largest CNC 5-Axis rotary table supplier in Taiwan.
  • Famous Germany’s machining company has designated HOSEA is one of its primary 5-Axis CNC machine ODM companies. This cooperation has lasted for more than 10 years.
  • More than 52 years of experiences in CNC development & manufacturing.
  • Multiple Transmission Mechanism Solution.
  • AIoT CNC Cloud Intelligent Service.
    During machining operations, if any divergence occurs between worm gear and worm gear teeth, a sensor will send a signal to the cloud service indicating the problem. Both the client and the manufacturer will receive notification, allowing for immediate inspection and repair.
  • Customized Product Design
    For machining conditions involving high load, high rigidity, and high speed, or requiring high precision, fine tolerances or hydrostatic rotary tables, HOSEA provides customized products for complete solutions.

Machining Center Series