In 2008, in order to enhance production capacity and to meet the demand on the European market, TANSHING President Mr. Wei Wu-Hsuing established a subsidiary company: HOSEA PRECISION CO., LTD. In a manufacturing area of 12,000 square meters, we have been focusing on producing high precision rotary tables that meet the quality standards in western markets.

At Hosea Precision, quality comes first - at every stage of the production process. Our 5 axis rotary tables have been sold & widely used in the European market and have an enormously high reputation amongst our customers.

In March 2015, Hosea Precision created the independent brand「 TANSHING by HOSEA 」, to make it a household name for high-quality 4 axis rotary tables from Taiwan. We have been following this strategy with great success: more and more manufacturers across Europe cooperate with us and make use of our indexing tables and other products.

With a Hosea CNC rotary table, you always know what you get: a quality product that was manufactured in a quality production process - from start to finish. With this attitude and as a member of the Taiwan Machine Center Alliance, we continue to provide the best industrial rotary table products for the high-tech machine tool industry of today and the future.

Hosea History

  • 1968
    Mr. Wei Wu-Hsuing established "Jing-Yong-Taiwan Iron", a firm specializing in the manufacture of large lathes with a registered capital of NTD 30,000.
  • 1984
    Imported Japanese made CNC Horizontal Machining Center (MITSUI, OKK and TOSHIBA) added to the production plant. HSIE-WEI was established as a precision machining firm for milling heads. Registered capital: NTD 4,000,000.
  • 1993
    The company changed the name to TANSHING with a registered capital of NTD 12,000,000. New equipment from USA, Germany, Switzerland and Japan imported. Manufacturing focus shifted to CNC Rotary Tables.
  • 1994
    Patent granted for the invention of a Worm Type Dual Indexing Head Anti-Backlash System. Patent No. 098511
  • 2000
    Certificate AQSR ISO9001:2000 acquired (American Quality Standards Registars).
  • 2008
    Construction of a new factory for HOSEA PRECISION CO., LTD
  • 2011
    HOSEA joined the M-Team Alliance to enhance the management capacity.
  • 2012
    Equipment Upgrade: CNC High Precision Worm Gear Drive Milling Machines and Toshiba Gantry Machining Centers for 5-Side-Machining.
  • 2013
    Well-known Japanese manufacturer attests Hosea worm gears a higher longevity and friction-resistance compared to Japanese competitors.
  • 2015
    New brand 「 TANSHING by HOSEA 」,introduced in March. The focus lies on the production of high quality rotary tables which meet European accuracy standards.
  • 2016
    • To keep up with Industry 4.0, Hosea developed a Smart Direct-Drive Hydrostatic Rotary Table.
    • ERP Information System introduced.
    • Close cooperation with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
  • 2017
    Equipment Upgrade: German Gleason Pfauter Hobbing Machine acquired.
  • 2018
    HOSEA Rotates the Sky: The First Indexing Table Supplier in Taiwan That Obtains Aerospace Quality Certifications.

TANSHING by HOSEA” as a brand stands for high-quality, high precision rotary tables made in Taiwan. We strive to deliver the highest quality standard, that western machine tool manufacturers consider a prerequisite for cooperation.

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