In 2008, in order to enhance production capacity and to meet the demand on the European market, TANSHING President Mr. Wei Wu-Hsuing established a subsidiary company: HOSEA PRECISION CO., LTD. On a manufacturing area of 12,000 square meters, we have been focusing on producing high precision rotary tables that meet the quality standards in western markets.

At Hosea Precision quality comes first - at every stage of the production process. Our rotary tables have been sold & widely used in the European market and have an enormously high reputation amongst our customers. In March 2015 Hosea Precision created the independent brand  TANSHINE by HOSEA , to make it a household name for high-quality rotary tables from Taiwan. We have been following this strategy with great success: more and more manufacturers across Europe cooperate with us and make use of our 5 axis rotary tables and other products.

With a Hosea rotary table you always know what you get: a quality product that was manufactured in a quality production process - from start to finish. With this attitude and as a member of the Taiwan Machine Center Alliance, we continue to provide the best products for the high-tech machine tool industry of today and the future. 

Hosea History


Mr. Wei Wu-Hsuing established "Jing-Yong-Taiwan Iron", a firm specializing in the manufacture of  large lathes with a registered capital of NTD 30,000.





Imported Japanese made CNC Horizontal Machining Center (MITSUI, OKK and TOSHIBA) added to the production plant. HSIE-WEI was established as a precision machining firm for milling heads. Registered capital: NTD 4,000,000.


The company changed the name to TANSHING with a registered capital of NTD 12,000,000. New equipment from USA, Germany, Switzerland and Japan imported. Manufacturing focus shifted to CNC Rotary Tables.





Patent granted for the invention of a Worm Type Dual Indexing Head Anti-Backlash System. Patent No. 098511


Certificate AQSR ISO9001:2000 acquired (American Quality Standards Registars).





Construction of a new factory for HOSEA PRECISION CO., LTD


HOSEA joined the M-Team Alliance to enhance the management capacity.





Equipment Upgrade: CNC High Precision Worm Gear Drive Milling Machines and Toshiba Gantry Machining Centers for 5-Side-Machining.


Well-known Japanese manufacturer attests Hosea worm gears a higher longevity and friction-resistance compared to Japanese competitors.





New brand  introduced in March. The focus lies on the production of high quality rotary tables which meet European accuracy standards.

  • To keep up with Industry 4.0, Hosea developed a Smart Direct-Drive Hydrostatic Rotary Table. 
  • ERP Information System introduced.
  • Close cooperation with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.





Equipment Upgrade: German Gleason Pfauter Hobbing Machine acquired. 


HOSEA Rotates the Sky: The First Indexing Table Supplier in Taiwan That Obtains Aerospace Quality Certifications.



“ TANSHINE by HOSEA ” as a brand stands for high-quality, high precision rotary tables made in Taiwan. We strive to deliver the highest quality standard, that western machine tool manufacturers consider a prerequisite for cooperation.

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